Unless someone is initiated into the secrets of the table, one can spend a life time with the table and not be the wiser of the alternate use it provides. The 6 In 1 Casino Gaming Table Furniture is designed and built with very sleek and adept technology. It is fully polished with a design and surface that can fit perfectly into any kind of environment.From a modern sitting room,

To an elegant home ball room to a casually set up gaming room, this master casino gaming table will not look out of place. Another score point for the gambling table is its portability; it is not too large and will not take up too much space or fill up the whole room when set up in a house.Once you slide out the detachable table top, you can flip it over and get a professional

Blackjack Layout. If you slide in the table top with the downside up, you get a Blackjack table just like the pros make use of in standard casinos.Inside the table proper, you will find a removable wooden insert integrated into the table. On one side of this removable insert is a layout for Roulette. You can set it up this way and transform the table into a Roulette gaming table.

On the reverse side of the roulette wooden insert is a printed surface that can be used as a chessboard or for checkers, depending on the game you want to play at that moment. You can also use that side for a game of backgammon.

When you remove the wooden insert for checkers and roulette, you will find a complete professional layout for playing Craps. This section of the table boasts of fully felt covered sides. The felt will protect the table from taking hits and damage from over zealous dice throwers.

The felt side protection of the table is in green felt. This gives the table and the gaming a typical casino feel and style. That’s an offering of the Casino experience from the comfort of home.

On the reverse side of the table top, the side with the blackjack layout, are chip-grooved holders. These chip-grooved holders are also set around the outer rim of the 6 In 1 Casino Gaming Table Furniture. The table also has a concealed accessory tray.

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